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"After the event has ended, the picture will keep on existing providing the event with a kind of immortality it would never otherwise have enjoyed. The photographer stays behind his camera, creating a tiny element of another world the image-world, that will outlive us all".

-Susan Sontag

Hello there! I'm Abigail Zamsky, a photographer originally from Haifa, Israel, based in TLV.

I am a graduate of the Wizo (Reut) art school's photography department and am currently a Visual Communication (b.des) student at H.I.T.

If I were to describe my photography style in a few words, I'd say it's personal, emotional, and authentic. For me, photography is about capturing moments that are infused with raw, genuine emotions. It's about freezing time, giving those fleeting instances a sense of immortality. Whether it's a burst of joy or a poignant reflection, I strive to capture the very essence of a specific moment and convey its emotions through my lens.

Throughout my personal projects, I'm deeply drawn to exploring the multifaceted theme of
the human experience.

I've made it my mission to infuse my commercial projects with the same captivating
emotions and authenticity.

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